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The Mo You Know

Getting Away from It All from the Comfort of My Couch

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Melissa (Mo)
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  • auntmo9@livejournal.com
Yes, I am really an Aunt...of 15, some by relation, some by close friends who have adopted me as their own...

I work too much, and I am mostly here for a nice little distraction, when the on-call phone isn't ringing. I am a director of group homes for adults with developmental disabilities.

I still feel relatively new to this site even though I've been here for almost three years. I am always looking for new friends, so if you see something you like or we have common interests and you friend me, I will probably friend you back.

Be sure to check out spn_bigpretzel,a community that celebrates the Sunnier Side of Supernatural, that I co-mod with the fantastic dizzojay.

Much thanks to goldenusagi for the Gabriel Mood Themes

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