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A Rich Day

Sometimes iPod shuffle works the way it I always thought it was supposed to-like magic, or maybe Providence. Today I was looking for something to fit my mood after a fitful, mostly sleepless, night. Instead, that something found me. Almost everything on my iPod shuffle that came up was written by the late, some would say great, Rich Mullins. How could I not love the music of a man who wrote an entire song about my favorite color!

Considering that most of my thoughts the last few days, especially where writing was concerned, were about angels and demons and fighting evil.(Thank you, Eric Kripke) , well, it was nice to hear music from a man who was humbled time and again by the love and grace of God, and whose music often humbled me for those same reasons. There is a bigger reason to fighting that evil after all.  And it is nice to be reminded that there are things bigger than me, but that I am not alone and I am included in the party. I have been stirred to write again; write for something other than work, from people beyond me and my normal boundaries; by people I have never met. It is nice to be reminded that God has many tools in his toolbox to stretch us beyond our limits; to help us to grow.

And you never know who God is gonna use
A princess or a baby
Or maybe even you or me

thanks, Rich, for the reminder

and of course, thank you, Father


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