December 11th, 2010

Patronus is a 67 Chevy Impala

So this is my Christmas

I will be on-call, and maybe even working a shift on Christmas, so I won't be able to visit my  family this year for Christmas. As such, my parents decided to visit this weekend so we could have a small Christmas of our own. I still won't see my sisters, niece, nephews or cousins, or the infamous tree, but at least I am getting some family time.

Wait, what infamous tree you ask? Well for those of you who don't already know, my mother has been hanging her Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling, for nearly thirty years. My boss even commented last night at our Christmas party that despite this my parents still look normal (yeah, there's a story there,too). But speaking of stories, if you haven't already read it, I did write a little fic about the Christmas tree. While certainly the part about Dean, Sam, Cas and Gabe seeing the tree is fictional, the details about the tree and the picture of it are real. Go here if you want to know more. One of my sisters is a Supernatural fan and has read the fic. I think she must have put my mom on to it, because my mom told me last night that she has read it too and it made her cry. I think the good, proud kind of tears. At least I hope so, because I have teased her enough about it over the years.

In all of this, I attended my favorite party of the whole year last night, and my parents joined me. Every year, my company throws a Christmas party for the residents and staff of the homes we manage. I always love this party and this year was no different. Though there was one drawback. My parents called me by my family nickname in front of my boss who is the owner of the company and he has decided he will call me that from now on. Lovely.

Back to the party. The residents are amazing people who happen to have developmental disabilities. Some days they are like all of us in that worry about what other people think about them. At this party, they don't. They live, and party, without any worries, and open the door for the rest of us to do the same. So when I am with them, I could (and probably do) dance like Elaine Benes and no one cares enough to laugh or talk about me. We throw out all of our insecurities, be who we are, and have fun. And for one evening we are all the better for it.