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The Blind Side 11/?

Title: The Blind Side, 11/?
Author: auntmo9 
Rating: PG-13, for language
Genre and/or Pairing: Gen/Het (Gabriel/OFC)
Spoilers: Spoilers through 6.16 And Then There Were None
Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Bobby, OCs
Word Count: 2917 this chapter, 30,757 overall (so far)

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters.
Summary: When Gabriel returns from another dimension with a new prophet, he not only has to help with the mess that he finds that the Winchesters and Castiel are in, but with the consequences of his own actions.
Sequel to Gabriel, Interrupted.

A/N: Again, while it will contain spoilers for all episodes aired through 6.16, it is definitely going AU from there.

Again, I am falling behind the pace I have set for myself. But real life is…well, just kind of insane right now.

Chapters 01 02 03 04 05 06  07 08 09 10


Tillie quickly fell into a dream, a dream much like her previous vision, where sights and sounds were all vivid and distinct. She was more aware it was a vision this time. She was again in an unfamiliar location, but this time it appeared to be a tropical rain forest near a large water fall. In the valley below the water fall there was a temple and that was what drew her attention.

“I still see you have a few worshipers at your temple,” the man in the trench coat said to a woman observing the scene below her.

“They are none of your concern angel,” the woman answered. “They mean you no harm.”

As she moved closer she saw two familiar figures, neither of whom she was eager to see. Castiel and Kali. As she watched, the purpose of the meeting became suddenly clear to her.

“Oh, humans are of little concern to me,” Cas replied with a sneer that shocked Tillie. He had never shown this kind of disdain towards humanity before. “But the fact that you derive power from their worship of you is….intriguing.”

“Why is anything of mine intriguing to you?” Kali replied. “You have done nothing but disregard me and my people unless we are in your way. Then you chose to destroy us.”

Castiel sighed. “I am in the middle of a war, and my resources are few. I could use any allies I can get. And you have no love for my brothers.”

“I have no love for you either,” she spat out, crossing her arms over her chest. “I would prefer to keep out of your family squabbles. I have no need to be involved in them and you have offered me nothing in return.”

“Really?” the angel asked, turning on her as he held out his hand and her temple began to quake, some of the walls coming down in the process as her followers scattered, some injured. A woman not much older than a young girl, with dark hair, appeared in the archway of the temple with an old man in her arms, a knife at his throat. “What if my partner and I promise not to kill off your followers if you help us?”

The world shifted around Tillie before she could get a good look at the woman in the temple and she found herself once again in the warehouse from her last vision. She heard the sounds of shouting and fighting, but before her eyes she saw Sam trying to help her.

“Come on Tillie,” he said, taking her by the arm and urging her to leave. “I’ve got to get you out of here.”

“But Gabriel,” she pleaded. “I need to tell him that…”

“I am sure he already knows,” Sam tried to reassure her as he guided her through the warehouse. “We got some intel from Ka-,” But before he could finish, the commotion grew closer to them. She saw Dean get knocked into a wall by the person he had been fighting and they took that opportunity to grab Sam as Tillie saw herself stumble backwards. Once again Tillie could not see the individual’s face; but they were smaller than Sam and it appeared to be the woman from earlier. She reached up and whispered something in Sam’s ear. When she was done, Sam grabbed his head and doubled over in pain. He fell to the floor of the warehouse unconscious. Tillie watched herself feel around and find the hunter on the ground, in another full blown seizure. She was helpless to help either Sam or herself. By the looks of things, if it wasn’t another seizure like he had before, then Sam’s wall had just come down. Then another woman Tillie did recognize appeared on the scene and stood next to Sam and herself.

“No,” Tillie gasped. “What are you doing here? You can’t be here, not now.”

The woman looked straight up at Tillie. Not at the version of her that was feebly trying to help Sam, but the one that was having this very vision. “You…you…can see me?” Tillie stammered.

“I think the question you should be asking,” the woman said as she continued to stare at Tillie. “Is why is that you can see me?”

Before Tillie could think further about the woman or her question, she was pulled away from it all. As she woke up from the vision, she found herself on the couch and could hear the voice of a very concerned archangel.


Dean rolled over and bumped his head into something solid, soft and scratchy. He cracked one eye open and realized it was the back of Bobby’s couch. His mouth tasted like sawdust and his head felt like someone was trying to put an ice pick through his eye clear through to the back of his head. As he sat up, a wave of nausea hit him and he had to steady himself in order not to lose the contents of his stomach. He decided not to move again anytime soon. He tried to remember how he ended up in here, when he distinctly remembered being outside with his baby.

Oh yeah, he had been waiting for Cas to show up so he could ask him what was going on with this war in Heaven and what exactly Cas was doing. The stubborn angel had decided not to show. Dean had gone through a six pack of beer while he had waited first on the hood of the Impala, then on the front porch of Bobby’s house. After a couple hours of Cas not showing, Dean had gotten too cold to continue to wait outside, so he had hauled himself into the living room and invited his good friends Jim and Jack to wait with him. He had drained both Jim and Jack dry and there were gone two hours later and Dean realized he must have passed out shortly after that.

As his stomach began to rumble, Dean slowly stood up and moved toward the bathroom. He had to move much more quickly the last few steps than he cared to, his head protesting at the sudden movement. But he barely made it there as he began to vomit into the toilet. Several minutes later, once the contents of his stomach had been purged, Dean laid his head down on the cool tile of the bathroom floor when he heard the rush of wings near the door. Peering through barely open eyes, he saw suit pants and the bottom edge of a trench coat.

“Now?” Dean asked incredulously as he slowly rolled over and looked up at the angel. “You show up now and are ready to talk. Fan-freaking-tastic! You couldn’t have come when I asked you. No, you had to wait until I am hung over and just puked my guts out.”

“I am sorry Dean,” Cas apologized glancing down at the hunter. “But I am in the middle of a war. I have many important things to attend to.”

“Like I haven’t heard that before,” Dean growled as he began to cautiously sit up. “The problem is Cas, you haven’t told me anything about this war. So please, talk to me.”

“I…can’t,” Cas said as he looked strained. “You…it is too much.”

“What do you mean it is too much?” Dean demanded as he leaned against the bathroom wall to steady himself. “That is bullshit and you know it. We fought Lucifer together. We stopped the Apocalypse together. And you won’t tell me about some backyard brawl you have going on with Raphael? Give me one good reason.”

Cas glanced at Dean sideways then turned his back on the hunter and walked away towards a window in the front room. He silently peered out of the house, not answering the hunter.

“No, no you don’t,” Dean pushed as he stood up to follow the angel. “You don’t get to walk away and give me the silent treatment. I have a prophet and your big brother telling me you are in over head, making poor choices in order to win this war with Raphael. And you have done nothing but clam up and disappear at every opportunity. So it is time to fess up now, or I have no choice but to think long and hard about what they are telling me. So what will be Cas?”


It didn’t take Gabriel very long to add wards and strengthen the ones that were already there. It didn’t surprise him that much. Bobby Singer had let the sheriff in on a few of his closely guarded secrets, so Gabriel doubted he would want to see her come to any harm because of him. The way Singer’s home was guarded with strong wards, the angel was sure he was the one responsible for what he had seen at Jodie Mills’ house so far. But few people expected a pagan god to come visit, so he needed to make sure Kali or any of her remaining pals wouldn’t catch them off guard again.

With that done, he set about to see if Jodie held up her end of the bargain and made a cake, or at least some other sort of pastry to satisfy his sweet tooth. After all, protecting the innocent was hard work and while he didn’t need to eat, he certainly wanted to now. He stopped to check on Tillie on his way into the kitchen and found she was still out, but safe, so he continued on.

Once he arrived in the kitchen, he saw Jodie making frosting with a cake cooling on the counter next to her. “Ooh, I am glad to see you know a deal’s a deal,” he said gleefully, as he took a swipe of frosting from the bowl.

The sheriff smacked his hand away as she continued to stir. “Leave it alone,” she said sternly. “It’s not finished yet.”

“You don’t know me very well, do you?” the archangel laughed as he tried to pilfer some more frosting. “That has never stopped me before.”

“You apparently don’t know me very well either,” the woman answered staring down the angel. “Not only do I have a collection of various handguns and shotguns in this house, but I have a frying pan and I am not afraid to use it. So git!”

Gabriel’s eyes widened as he realized that Jodie was serious. Not that he couldn’t heal himself from any bodily harm that she might do, but he didn’t exactly relish the thought of getting whacked over the head by a frying pan. No wonder she and Tillie got along so well. They both saw the potential of everyday household objects as weapons against archangels. So he decided he would rather wait and actually enjoy the cake, if he had to. Besides, he could hear Tillie beginning to stir in the other room, and he headed into to the living room to go check on her again.

When he got to there, Gabriel immediately became concerned. Tillie was moaning and tossing and turning on the couch. Despite knowing his Dad’s visions lasted as long as his Dad saw fit, he couldn’t stand to see her like this, so he tried to rouse her from her sleep. He touched her on the arm and called her name. When that didn’t work, he began to gently shake her as he kept calling her name. Finally, after several minutes, she sat up gasping for breath, as one name came out her mouth over and over again.

“Tessa,” she whispered as he pulled her into his arms. “Tessa.”


Kali couldn’t believe it. After the Western Apocalypse that wasn’t, she had simply wished to return to her corner of the world and live life out among her followers and be done with angels, demons and other monsters. But apparently life was not that simple. This foolish angel Raphael and Eve, the “Mother of All” had shown up at her home not long after she had returned from dealing with that insufferable fool she had regrettably spent a couple of centuries with. They had demanded that she join them in a stupid angelic war. She had no interest whatsoever in being involved in their ludicrous conflict.

But now they had gone and destroyed her temple and were now threatening the lives of her followers.

“Leave him alone,” Kali snarled, staring down Eve, as her hands erupted in flames. “He is not involved in this battle of yours.”

“And neither are my children, who are nothing but innocent bystanders in this war,” Eve declared glaring back at Kali, the knife precariously close to the old man’s jugular vein. Behind her, a small group of worshippers who had not made it out of the temple cowered in fear at the scene before them. “And yet they are being slain by angels and hunters alike. As a mother, I am being forced to protect my children.”

Kali kept her thoughts to herself about Eve’s children and whether are not they were merely innocent bystanders. “You are not the only one that can lay a claim to motherhood,” the goddess growled as she moved closer to Eve. “Let my children go!”

“Why do you think I chose to threaten them, especially this one? Perhaps if you have an intimate understanding of my position, you will be more agreeable to helping us,” Eve smiled demurely as the old man trembled in her arms. Not bothering with mercy, Eve slit the man’s throat in a long, torturous move as the man cried out in pain. Eve threw him to ground as Kali watched in horror. “It is as simple as that.”

“Why is that you need my help?” she asked, suppressing her rage, as she felt power drain from her while the life of one of her most ardent followers came to end, his blood pooling at her feet. She was curious as to why out of all the gods left they would seek her out first.

“You were the one willing to stand up to Lucifer,” Raphael answered with a hint of respect. “And you just might be able to convince our only remaining brother who hasn’t chosen a side, to take ours.”

“You mean Gabriel?” she laughed derisively, as Raphael nodded his head. Not willing to risk the lives of any more of her worshipers, she decided not to give too much away. “That could be a tall order. You should realize by now that he has done what pleases him for a long time. But let the others go, and I will go and speak to him.”

As she extinguished the flames in her hands, she decided that neither of them needed to know what exactly she planned to tell the archangel that just kicked her out of his life.



“You are right Dean,” Castiel said as he turned to look the hunter in the eyes. “We fought Lucifer together. We stopped the Apocalypse together. And then you left and went to live a life with Lisa and Ben, just like you promised Sam you would do. That is the life you are supposed to be living. You promised Sam this. Even before he came back, I could have used your help. But I left you alone, because you stopped the Apocalypse once. You shouldn’t have to stop it again.”


“Shouldn’t have to?” Dean spat out in disgust as he stepped into the angel’s face. “No one should have to stop the Apocalypse once, let alone twice. But it is what we do. In case you hadn’t notice, I am back in this thing full throttle, pretty much since Sam decided to stroll back into my life. Lisa hasn’t wanted anything to do with me since Sam let me become a freaking vampire. As a Winchester, I guess we never get much choice about being involved in saving- the- world bullshit like this. It has never been about what I wanted.”


“No, Dean,” Cas growled, pushing the Winchester away from him. “Where I am concerned, it is always about what you want and what you need, because those are the only times you call for me; when you require my assistance. You haven’t ever once honestly inquired about the war I am engaged in with Raphael except when the information you were asking about intersected a case you were working on at the time. You have not once asked about it out of concern for me or out of a desire to help. So don’t pretend to now.”

Dean opened his mouth to respond but realized he had no answer. What Cas was saying was true. “But…but Tillie said you…you’re in trouble and I haven’t even…” Dean finally managed to stammer out, too embarrassed to continue.

“Even now, you are only coming to me out of guilt,” Cas pointed out as he sighed in frustration. “And that based on the words of a prophet who has seen something for which I have no explanation. Did you come here like Gabriel did Dean, to accuse me of something that I have not done? Does our friendship mean so little to you?”

Hung over, with a splitting headache and a desire to puke his guts out again, Dean Winchester stared at his best friend in the whole world in silence, full of hurt, confusion and anger as a single tear fell down his cheek.





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Jul. 18th, 2011 10:30 am (UTC)
Oh wow, now this is turning into a nice big mess from all sides *whistle*
Jul. 18th, 2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
Very much a mess...but I am pretty sure there is a way out of it all....
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