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The Blind Side 9/?

Title: The Blind Side 9/?
Author: auntmo9 
Rating: PG-13, for language
Genre and/or Pairing: Gen, with hints of Het (Gabriel/OFC)
Spoilers: Spoilers through 6.16 And Then There Were None
Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Bobby, OCs
Word Count: 2944 this chapter, 25,088 overall (so far)

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters.
Summary: When Gabriel returns from another dimension with a new prophet, he not only has to help with the mess that he finds that the Winchesters and Castiel are in, but with the consequences of his own actions. Sequel to
Gabriel, Interrupted.

A/N: Again, while it will contain spoilers for all episodes aired through 6.16, it is definitely going AU from there. Between my crazy life at work, house-sitting for friends and writer's block, this chapter just didn't want to be written. I am sorry for the delay.

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Tillie didn’t realize she was shaking until she reached for the door handle of her bedroom and felt her hand trembling. Opening the door, she walked into her room and took a deep breath, hearing Sam following behind her.

“Tillie, I am sorry my brother is being such an idiot about all of this,” Sam confessed. “If it’s any consolation, I think you were right. He probably is worried that if Castiel has done something wrong, he is the one that led him down that path.”

“Thanks, Sam,” Tillie smiled weakly. “But that doesn’t mean he wants me around as a reminder of that fact. Nor will having me around make it any easier for him to talk to Cas, which is what he really needs to do. So, can I borrow your phone for a minute?”

Sam reached into his pocket and handed Tillie his cell phone. As she dialed the number she had memorized earlier in the day, he asked her, “So, you are really going to do this? Leave, I mean. Just because my brother is being a colossal jerk?”

“Hi, it’s Tillie,” she said as the person on the other end answered the phone. Nodding to Sam, she turned away, before continuing her phone conversation. “Do you remember when you told me to call you if I needed anything? Well, I guess I am counting on that, because I need a huge favor…yeah, I need a place to stay, and I won’t exactly be alone.”

Sam wasn’t sure who she had called; though if asked, he would venture a guess. It wasn’t as if Tillie knew that many people here. But he tried to give her some semblance of privacy as she made the phone call.

“No, I don’t need a ride…I…have another way to get there. Thanks again,” Tillie said before hanging up the phone. She turned and started to gather the few items she had acquired in the short time she had been at Bobby’s.

“Are you sure about this?” Sam asked. “Gabriel’s not the only one that can strong arm Dean, if it needs to be done. And Bobby did agree to let you stay here. Maybe you should stay a little while longer until we figure things out.”

“I’m leaving, Sam,” Tillie stated firmly. “It’s not just what is best for everyone, but it’s what I want, alright? Speaking of which, what about you? What do you want?” She knew she was about to open a can of worms that would only make Dean angrier with her than he already was, but no one had seemed to care what Sam had wanted so far.

“What do you mean?’ Sam asked, as he handed her a few items that had made their way to the other side of the room.

“I mean, what do you want to do about your memories?” she prodded. “Dean just assumed it was best for that door to remain closed, and Gabriel is pushing for it to be opened. But no one has really asked you what you wanted.”

“I…I’m not sure,” Sam managed to stammer out, taken aback that she had asked him. “Gabriel’s right. I do want to know what I did when I was without my soul. If I hurt people, then I need to find a way to make up for that. But I guess I understand Dean’s point, too. I remember that seizure. It’s not something I would like to repeat if I can help it.”

“What if you could have the best of both worlds?” Tillie asked cautiously, remembering something from her life before she came here. As she put the last of her stuff in the shopping bags from earlier, she continued, “If you could get your memories back and maybe have a safety net to catch you, in case the wall came down, would you do that?”

Sam stared at her in shock. “Is that possible?”

Before she could answer, Gabriel came into the room. “So what are we talking about kids? Are you planning on how you can knock some sense into your brother?” he asked, looking at Sam.

“I…uh, no,” Tillie answered for Sam, suddenly embarrassed that she had brought something up to the hunter that involved Gabriel, without even asking the angel first. “I was just finishing packing. I found another place to stay. Will you take me there?”

"Of course," Gabriel answered with no hesitation. "Where are we going and when do we leave?"

"I'm ready to go now," Tillie said.  Before going, she turned to the younger Winchester. "Sam, it's not that I don't trust you, but it's probably best for everyone if you're not put in a position of knowing where we are going. And, well, about that other thing...I will look into it."

“Sure,” Sam nodded as he left Tillie’s room. But his curiosity got the best of him and he looked down at his phone that she had returned to him before he slipped out. Seeing the number she had called, he realized that his first guess had been correct.


Hidden deep within the cliffs of Jog Falls laid a fortress no mortal had ever seen and few gods remember. Of course, there were so few gods to remember anything these days. She looked out across the valley below and recalled the time she had come here again, a place she called home, to regain her strength among her first worshippers after she lost so much. For now, it was quiet and peaceful in the last few months before the monsoon season and the temple in the village below allowed a place for her followers to pay her due respect while she planned her next move. But soon throngs of tourist would flock the area,  taking pictures of the falls and desecrating her temple with their foreign ways and she would be forced to retreat further into the cliffs or go somewhere else altogether if she wished to remain hidden. Perhaps she could spend the monsoon season in Fiji. Surprisingly, she still had worshipers there. But first, she had other matters to attend to.

For the last few days, she had sensed a significant bit of her magic in North America. The United States to be more specific. At first she thought it was an echo of her spell left over from that dreadful encounter with the angels in that barely tolerable hotel back in Muncie, Indiana; the confrontation that had required her retreat to her home here in Jog Falls in the first place. But no, when she had meditated on it last night, she found the power to be much more than that. It was a much deeper spell. Even more shocking, it was connected to an angel she thought was dead. If he was involved in stealing her power for this spell, he most certainly would be once she returned from the Americas this time.


Tillie and Gabriel arrived on the front porch of the home of Sheriff Jodie Mills seconds after departing the Singer residence. Tillie raised her hand to knock on the door but Gabriel stopped her.

“Wait,” he said, holding her hand in his. “What was that back there at Bobby’s? The thing with Sam that you said you would look into?”

“It is something I need to ask you about actually,” she answered, as she began to shiver. “But it is cold out here. Can we talk about it later?”

Just then, the door flew open and a female voice from within the house cracked, “Are you two going to stand out in the cold all night or would you like to join me for some hot chocolate?”

Gabriel’s head snapped up. “Did someone say chocolate? Lead the way, please.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Jodie laughed. “Well, come on in and I will show you around.”

Jodie grabbed one of the bags that Tillie was holding and led the pair through her home, showing them the basic layout, before ending up in the kitchen and handing each of them a mug of the warm, sweet liquid she had promised them at the front door. “So Tillie, you didn’t tell me why you needed a place to stay. Even though he is a bit of a curmudgeon, Bobby doesn’t seem like the type that would kick you out.”

“It wasn’t Bobby. I’m not even sure he knows I’m gone yet,” Tillie replied, shaking her head, as Gabriel emitted a low growl. “Dean and I had a disagreement that we couldn’t quite resolve. So I volunteered to leave.”

“And Dean volunteered to keep being an ass,” Gabriel added giving the sheriff a knowing look. “So we appreciate the fact that you are letting Tillie stay here.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was the argument about,” Jodie asked cautiously.

“What it is always about,” Gabriel sighed. “My stupid, idiotic family. Some how, mixing my family and the Winchesters always leads to a ruckus of some sort. At least this one isn’t of apocalyptic proportions…yet.”

Tillie squeezed his hand. “Jodie, like Gabriel said, I can’t tell you how much this means. But it has been a very long day. And I would like to get settled in and get some rest, if that is okay with you?”

 “Sure, let me show you to your room,” the sheriff said as she led them down the hall to the guest room.


Sam came downstairs at the same time Bobby returned from his towing job. Dean was sitting on the couch, watching another re-run of Dr. Sexy, sulking.

Bobby took one look at the two of them. “It is too quiet around here. Whaddya two idjits do now?”

Dean took a swig of his beer and refused to look at Bobby. “Oh, Dean here was his normal charming self, that’s all,” Sam offered.  Seeing Bobby’s question gaze, he continued. “He didn’t like hearing about one of Tillie’s prophecies so after a few choice words with him, she and Gabriel left.”

“What?!” Bobby exclaimed, shooting glances between the brothers, his eyes finally settling on Dean.” You just couldn’t keep your trap shut, could ya’?”

“Hey! She said Cas is working with some evil bitch who is going to try to kill her to keep her from making more prophecies!” Dean shouted back. “Does that sound like Cas to you?”

“We haven’t seen enough of Cas lately to know, now have we?” Bobby pointed out. “You even think about asking your angel about any of this?”

Dean’s eyes grew wide in disbelief that yet someone else was asking him to confront Cas when Sam stepped in. “That is what Tillie said. He didn’t want to hear it from her either.”

“Seems to me you have a choice, boy,” Bobby suggested to the older Winchester. “You can sit there and sulk all day. Or you can talk to Cas and get his side of the story.”


“So, are you ready to tell me what you were discussing with Sam earlier?” Gabriel asked her once they were alone in the guest room.

Tillie sat down on the bed and hesitated for a moment. “We were talking about his memories and the risk of his wall coming down. I asked him what he wanted to do...and if he would be more likely to seek out his memories of his time without a soul if he had a safety net…something to help him if his wall came down.”

“Like what?” Gabriel asked, as he set the rest of the bags down. “Castiel told me Death wasn’t even sure Sam could be healed if that happened.”

“You mean you don’t…but I thought you would…” Tillie faltered. She thought for sure Gabriel would remember.

“You thought I would what?” Gabriel pressed, as her gathered her hands in his own, curious as to how she thought he would be able to help Sam.

“Your will,” she said her voice barely above a whisper. “What…what about Bamse?”

Gabriel dropped her hands and stumbled back. “How did you know about that?”

“It was something I wrote about…before I met you,” she answered quietly. “Some of the details have changed. You obviously aren’t dead, so you aren’t leaving it to Sam in a will. But…do you still have it? Couldn’t it still be used to help Sam if his wall came down, like it was in my story?”

“Uh…I…no,” Gabriel managed to sputter. He ran a hand through his hair before he continued. “Look, yes…I still have it. And it might even help Sam, but I don’t…I’m not sure…Tillie, it’s the only thing I have of my Dad left.”

“Oh, I just thought….never mind,” the woman said before beginning to put away her things, disappointed that Gabriel wasn’t willing to help Sam like she thought he would be.

Tillie fumbled around the strange room in frustration. Between Gabriel not being willing to help Sam and being in a new place, she was not in the best of moods. Of course, Bobby’s house had been strange to her as well, but at least she had a mental image of what some of the rooms had looked liked from watching the show before she had lost her sight. It also helped to have several people in house who were willing to guide her through it, or at least provide a sense of location by the simple fact that they made noise. Jodie’s house was completely foreign to her and fairly quiet, which made it much harder for her to navigate. Maybe Sam was right, maybe she should have stayed at Bobby’s awhile longer. But at least he understood her reasons for wanting to leave.  


Gabriel wasn’t help much.  After first, he was simply brooding over what she had brought up to him about helping Sam. She tried to get his attention by asking him a few questions, put he was too deep in thought, even for her thoughts to reach through their bond. So she decided to try a different approach to break him out of his stupor: Shock and Awe.

“So, I need your opinion on something,” she began. “Do you think I am too old for Sam? I mean, now that I have been here awhile, I have gotten to know him better and he seems like a really nice guy, especially since  he does have his soul again and all.””

“Uh-uh,” he answered noncommittally before his head snapped up and he looked at her sharply. “Did you just say Sam Winchester?! Yes…you would most definitely be robbing the cradle…he is just a kid!”

As slow grin spread across Tillie’s face. “Hmm…now isn’t that the thousand-year-old-pot calling the kettle black…but at least I have your attention again.”

“Wait…you tricked me to get me to pay attention to you?” Gabriel asked incredulously, but relieved at the same time.

“Yes, I did,” Tillie said, satisfied with her accomplishment. “Now please help me put away my things.”

Gabriel’s mood was lighter now. But instead of putting away her things, he was going through all of her new clothes and suggesting she try them on for him…while he was still in the room, leaving her to do the majority of the work and distract the archangel. “You are insane, you know that right?” she said in his general direction. “Now could you just hand me the blue flannel pajama bottoms I bought today and a t-shirt and then go…somewhere else while I change, please?”

“Aw, you can’t blame me for trying, can you?” Gabriel pouted while searching for the items she had asked for. “Especially after catching a glimpse of you in that fetching shower curtain earlier today.”

“Oh, please don’t remind me of that,” Tillie said, blushing at the memory of it.

“Tillie, you have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Gabriel said, walking over to her, and gingerly pulling her into his arms. He brushed a stray curl off of her face with his thumb and let his hand rest on her cheek. “You really are beautiful, you know.”

She tried to brush him off with a shake of her head but it was too late. He leaned down and gently kissed her. Knowing his thoughts, it didn’t come as a complete surprise to her. Despite her earlier protests about her own feelings when speaking with the sheriff, here alone with the angel, she easily pressed her palms to his chest and returned the kiss. She was confused, however, when Gabriel abruptly broke the kiss off. Pressing his forehead to hers he sighed. “I need you stay here…don’t leave the house.” And with that, he disappeared, leaving her standing alone in a strange room trying to figure out where he had gone so suddenly and why.

She felt around the room and found her cane, and clumsily made her way back to the living room of Jodie’s house.

“I thought you were going to get some sleep,” the sheriff asked with more than a little curiosity as she turned down the volume on the television.

“I did, too,” Tillie said in frustration. “But my angel disappeared on me after…well, I think something is wrong.”

Jodie, ever the sheriff, became immediately concerned and looked out the windows of the house for any threats in the area. “Well, he didn’t go far,” she observed. “He is talking to some woman in my front yard. And given how cold it is out there and seeing how she is dressed, she is either the kind of trouble that you people seem to attract, or she is crazy.”

Tillie, realizing who it might be, responded solemnly, “Maybe both.”


A/N 2: There was a mention of Bamse in this chapter. If you want to know more, feel free to check out Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers...


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 26th, 2011 01:28 pm (UTC)
I am glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully the next chapter won't take me as long as this one did!
Jun. 26th, 2011 11:09 am (UTC)
Oh Dean is in denial of course... not that it was not expected.

And yeay kiss <3
Jun. 26th, 2011 01:27 pm (UTC)
Oh, Dean is definitely in denial! We will see if/when he comes around.

I am glad you enjoyed it!
Jun. 30th, 2011 12:05 am (UTC)
Well... as we both know all to well, with Dean, De Nile isn't just a river. It's a permanent state of residence with him.

Also, think that the kiss scene was very well-written, because it had just enough fluff to it to make it realstic, but not to sappy either.
Jun. 30th, 2011 12:09 am (UTC)
Thank you! I might enjoy reading sappy and fluff, but I dont think I write it very well.
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