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The Blind Side Chapter 4/?

Title: The Blind Side
Rating:PG-13, for language
Genre and/or Pairing: Gen, Hints at Gabriel/OC
Spoilers: Spoilers through 6.16 And Then There Were None
Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Bobby, OCs
Word Count: 2642
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters.
Summary: When Gabriel returns from another dimension with a new prophet, he not only has to help with the mess that he finds that the Winchesters and Castiel are in, but with the consequences of his own actions. Sequel to Gabriel, Interrupted.

A/N: Again, while it will contain spoilers for all episodes aired through 6.16, it is definitely going AU from there. Thanks to jaharper88  for her help and brainstorming with me on this chapter. This is unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine.

I am really sorry that I haven't updated in almost two weeks. Real life has been very challenging with serious issues going on for me. My sister had a major, life threatening event that required emergency surgery a week ago and everything that wasn't family related was pretty much put on hold until yesterday. She came though it okay, even though she will have a long recovery ahead of her. So thanks for hanging in there and waiting for me to update.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03


Darkness fell over Singer Salvage Yard as the snow continued to fall and the temperature dropped. That did not deter the lone figure standing outside the fence near the entrance of the grounds. Weather was never an issue for him. However, the fatigue he felt from this war he was fighting was. Despite his outward bravado, it was not going as well as he would have his enemy, or even his own forces, believe. He had lost too many warriors and weapons to that young upstart. He had even lost his own vessel and had to go looking for someone else just as suitable, which was never easy. It was not like there were Cupids ensuring he had vessels lined up for a fight like this. His older brothers had everything handed to them. And they squandered it.  He was the one left picking up the pieces, trying to ensure that things went according to the plan.

In the midst of this battle, he had made some grave decisions. He had forged an unholy, but necessary alliance. It was the only way he saw that he could defeat the enemy within his own family. Once he was rid of that cancer, he would worry about the unusual partnership he had made. But if he was able to defeat the enemy within and get Heaven’s plans back on track, he would have all the help he needed to render his agreement null and void and dispose of his unlikely ally.

But now, as he waited and watched from afar, he was more concerned about what brought him to Sioux Falls. For inside the home he was observing was an enigma he couldn’t explain. A new prophet. He had felt the searing when her name had been called. But that should not be possible. All the prophets had been named long ago. There should not be any new ones. Even more disconcerting, this one was not under his care. He had no way of knowing what she was seeing or who she was sharing it with. If she saw what his plans were and told the wrong people, he had much to loose. 

And there was an angel in there with her. With the wards surrounding the home, he couldn’t sense who it was, but he knew it was one of the older ones, one like him. There were so few of them left. The presence seemed familiar to him, but it couldn’t be him. He had disappeared long ago, only to briefly return before being killed by the abomination that was Lucifer.

He may not be able to know what she was seeing, but he could tell that she was starting to have a vision. He needed to act. Alone, he would face not only the angel, but the hunters in the home as well. But perhaps right now, he didn’t need to. Perhaps if he just changed or interrupted the vision, it would be enough to buy him some time. And he would not need to get any closer than he was to make a few changes and begin to sow the seeds of doubt among the rag-tag group of warriors within the building.


Once Sam left her alone in the room, Tillie quickly realized how tired she really was. She changed into a t-shirt that Sam had loaned her before crawling into the bed. Before she knew it, she promptly fell asleep. Her sleep, however, was not restful. Soon she was dreaming. The dream she was having was unlike most dreams she had before. This one was more vivid, more real.

For starters, she could see in her dream, as if she were home again. But she knew she was not. For she was surrounded by the people in this world. Dean and Gabriel were arguing. That was nothing new, but this time it seemed to be about Sam. Dean wanted Gabriel to leave Sam alone. But Gabriel was saying something about Sam needing to face the past in order to be able to forgive himself.  As she tried to move closer, Dean started shouting about not wanting the wall to come down, then the world shifted and she found herself watching a woman, sitting on the floor of an empty warehouse, nearly broken in spirit. No, not a woman Tillie realized. It was herself. So tired and worn, she was barely able to recognize herself.

So taken aback by her own appearance, she was distracted for a moment by the sound of fluttering wings. She turned around, hoping to see her who might be coming to her aid. It was Castiel, but he looked less than pleased, almost angry. She heard his gravely voice say, “Are you ready to tell me the prophecy?”

“Go to hell!” She heard herself lash out at the angel. “I am sure your brothers would make room for you in the Cage.”

“I grow tired of waiting,” she heard Cas say. “I told you, I would restore your sight if you cooperate.”

“And I have told you, I am not paying that price.” Tillie was in shock. Cas was trying to force her cooperate with him by promising her that he would give her sight back. It didn’t make sense. But before she could ponder it further, someone else appeared.

“Are you a fool?” Castiel accused. “If she has seen us together, now they will know we are working as on e!”

“She will never leave this place to tell anyone, angel.” Tillie tried to turn to see who it was that came into the warehouse, but before she could, she woke with a start.


Gabriel looked out the window and watched the snow fall gently outside as he digested everything that Bobby and Dean had told him.  Dean had seriously let Death put Sam’s soul back in him after his two older brothers had been playing their own version of the Stanley Cup, with Sam’s soul being the hockey puck? Wall or not, that kid was in serious trouble.

Gabriel wasn’t so sure that not letting Sammy remember was the best tactic either. Even before all of this crap, the kid had always had a strong need for atonement for things he was never responsible for, so Sam surely had an overwhelming guilty conscious for the things he had done without his soul. Of course, trying to atone for your sins and actually forgiving yourself were two different lessons, the latter one that no Winchester he ever met seemed to be able to ever learn.

As Gabriel pondered what, if anything, he would do about the situation, he sensed the slightest angelic activity outside the outer buildings. Looks like we got company, he thought to himself. He quickly disappeared to go see who the newest visitor to the Singer residence was.


“You! You were the old one I sensed. What are you doing here?” Raphael said in shock, as his eyes narrowed at Gabriel’s sudden appearance before him. “I...I heard you were dead!”

“Dad had other plans,” Gabriel said casually as walked towards his older brother, hands shoved deep into his pockets. “And I should ask you the same question, what are you doing here?”

“I think you know why I am here,” Raphael replied. “I am here for the same reason you are. The woman. The new prophet. She isn’t supposed to be here. All of the prophets were named long ago. How is that she came to be here? Why is it that she not under my care?”

"Oh yeah, because you did so well with the last one," Gabriel cracked. When he noticed Raphael starting to grimace, Gabriel broke out his trademark grin. “Chill out, bro. What can I say? She hitchhiked with me on my little road trip. Maybe that is why Dad assigned her to me. I guess you’ll have to take it up with Him at the next family reunion.”

“This is no time for your usual jokes Gabriel,” Raphael growled. “Do you have any idea what Castiel has done in your absence? It is entirely too dangerous for you and the woman to be staying in the home of Bobby Singer. The Winchesters surely will sway your decisions in an effort to help the wrong side in this war.”

“Hey, I am my own man. No one sways me to do anything,” Gabriel said with a swagger. “I’ve heard their side of the story. Care to tell me yours?”

Gabriel listened as Raphael spewed acidic tales of Castiel rebelling against Michael, and Heaven, leading to not only Lucifer, but Michael ending up in the Cage and the total abandonment of the Apocalypse. “It is chaos, brother. Many of our bothers and sisters now think they have free will, much like those accursed Winchesters. I have tried to muster forces loyal to our cause and to gather Angelic Weapons, only to be thwarted at every turn by Castiel and Balthazar.”

“Balthazar?” Gabriel asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes,” Raphael responded in disgust. “Thanks to Castiel, he has become little more than a petty thief.”

“Hmm,” Gabriel responded noncommittally.

“But if I had your pro-…If I had your help,” Raphael claimed. “Then we could once again restore Heaven to its former glory.”

“I’ve been away, Raphael,” Gabriel answered. “Farther away than you can imagine. But you have given me something to think about. However, I need some time before I can give you an answer.”

“When?” Raphael asked.

“Two days from now,” was the response. “But not here.”


Tillie sat up rapidly as she woke. She tried to slow her breathing as she sorted through her thoughts. This whole prophecy thing was still new to her. Yes, she had written some things out before back home that had been prophecy, but she had never had dreams this vivid. Things had sort of just come to her when she was writing. This was more real. Maybe it was the effect of actually being in the world that these things would come to pass. Trying to organize her thoughts and feelings, she knew there were more thoughts in there than just here own.

“I know you are in here,” she said, tilting her head in the direction that Sam had told there was a chair. “You don’t need to pretend you’re not.”

“You had a dream,” Gabriel stated flatly as he stood, walking toward the bed. “A prophecy?”

“Yes,” Tillie said, shakily, recalling the last part of the dream. “It was…there were things I didn’t expect to see.”

“There usually are,” he answered grimly. “We also had a visitor while you were sleeping. I think we need to talk.”

“Yes, we do,” she sighed as she raked a hand through her hair. “Though that doesn’t mean I have forgiven you for dragging me here.”


Tillie wasn’t able to get much sleep after that, though she did try to rest. By the time morning rolled around, she was hungry. She couldn’t remember the last time she ate. It seemed like ages ago. She dressed in her clothes from the day before and found Gabriel waiting for her outside the room.

“Are you going to help me get downstairs?” she asked hopefully, as he took her by the hand.

“Sure thing, Till,” Gabriel answered, snapping his fingers and they suddenly appeared downstairs in the kitchen, where Sam was making breakfast and Dean was drinking coffee. Bobby had left earlier to go on a supply run.

Tillie sighed. “You know that is not exactly being helpful. I need to learn my way around the house. Popping me in and out allover, I am not going to learn the layout around here.”

“Oh, I didn’t think about that,” Gabriel said.

“Imagine that, you not thinking,” Dean chuckled.

As Tillie made her way to the table and sat down, Sam put a plate of food before her. She looked up at him questioningly. “Oh…huh,” he stammered. “Bacon is at six o’clock and toast is twelve o’ clock.”

Tillie broke out in a grin. “Thank you Sam. That is being helpful.”

Gabriel mocked Sam silently and then came up with an idea himself. He snapped his fingers and produced a white, folded cane and handed it to Tillie. “Here go Tillie,” he said. “So you can learn your way around the house.”

Feeling the cane, Tillie asked, “What is this?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Gabriel scoffed. “One of those blind people do-hickey canes, so you can get around.”

Tillie set the cane on her lap while emitting a low growl.

Dean busted on laughing at the scene before him. “Dude, you just gave the woman who hit you over the head with a lamp last night and who is still upset with you another stick…it is something else she can beat you with!”

“You’re not you Dad’s brightest child, are you?” Sam suggested.

“What!” Gabriel exclaimed. “I’m just trying to help!”

“You didn’t even ask me if I wanted one,” Tillie accused, beginning to get flustered.

“So, how else are you going to get around the house if you don’t use a cane and you don’t want me teleporting you around?’ Gabriel asked casually.

“I don’t think that’s the point,” Dean observed.

“Well, maybe I wanted a seeing eye dog,” Tillie said crossing her arms over her chest. “Yeah, maybe a golden retriever by the name of Theo would be nice…if you really want to make things up to me.”

Gabriel paled. “Oh no, don’t you dare go there.”

“I’ve been thinking about this,” Tillie said. “I think you already went there. Can the little angel say Broward County?”

“That’s not funny,” Gabriel huffed out.

Dean looked back and forth between Tillie and Gabriel. “What are you talking about?” he asked Tillie. When she didn’t answer, he turned to Gabriel. “What is she talking about?”

“None of your business, Dean-o,” Gabriel answered as his eyes narrowed at the hunter.

“None of his business?” Tillie said in shock. “You mean it’s none of his business that the dog that mauled him to death was-“ Before she could finish, Gabriel swooped in behind her and clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Okay,” he admitted reluctantly. “You made your point. Next time I will ask before I try to help you.”

Dean, however, was still trying to figure out what they had been discussing. “What about the dog that mauled me? Gabriel what was she trying to say?”

“Nothing. It’s not important,” Gabriel answered, trying to brush it off. “It’s all in the past.”

“Bullshit,” Dean spat out.

Sam looked from Gabriel to Dean, then back to Gabriel. “Huh? You don’t think?”

“Don’t strain your brain too hard there, Sammy,” Gabriel mocked.

Dean stared at Gabriel as everything suddenly fell into place. “SONOFABITCH!...You! You actually became a dog and mauled me to death?”

“Now see what you started?” Gabriel stared accusingly at Tillie.

“Who me?” Tillie said innocently. “I wouldn't go there if I were you. You were the one who mauled Dean. You are the one deciding the best way to help people without asking them, like giving canes out, and oh, I don't know...blood binding spells!”

Sam decided to interrupt before they started fighting again. “What I would like to know is, how Tillie even figured out that you were a dog? We never picked up on that.”

"She's special," Gabriel said through gritted teeth. "Besides, you and Dean-o don't pick up on squat even after someone tries to hit you upside the head with a clue-by-four!"  

“Damn straight, I am special!” exclaimed as she moved toward the archangel. Whispering into his ear she said, “And you would do best to remember that, or they will found out exactly how special.”

"You wouldn't..." Gabriel said in shock.

Just try me...” Tillie said with a smile.




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May. 4th, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
I'm glad your sister is OK now. I hope she will recover quickly.

I didn't expect Gabriel to be the dog, LOL. I thought Gabriel were smart but he didn't seem to be the smartest out of all archangels :)
May. 4th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)

I just thought if I could make the Gabriel in the otherdimension be a dog, why wouldn't Gabriel be the dog in Mystery Spot, just because? He would certainly have the ability. And Tillie would have picked up on that.
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