Melissa (Mo) (auntmo9) wrote,
Melissa (Mo)

Even Dogs Have Comedic Timing

I was at a private outdoor concert last night. It was a beautiful, if not cold night for an outdoor concert. And while the performers on the hand built stage are probably people you may know  or have at least heard of (if anyone actually reads this besides me), I am sure the true star of the show is someone only those at the concert have the privilege of knowing.

The owners of the company I work for  throw a party every fall as a thank you for the management team that is spread out across the state in which we operate. They also invite friends and supporters of the company. For the last few years, they have brought in Brian Vander Ark, of the Verve Pipe, to do a private concert. One of the owners is also close friends with Dean Sams, keyboard player for the country group Lonestar. Both of them usually end up performing during the course of the evening, and it is usually a very nice evening. I, of course, sometimes have difficulty casually talking to someone whose name is Dean...Sams without having my mind wander somewhere else. But that is probably another post entirely.

But last night, the real star of the show was Theo. He is one of the owner's dog, a golden retriever. Seeing as the concert was outdoors, Theo was outside as well, running through the crowd and the yard, and at the appropriate moments when both Brian and Dean were performing, Theo was howling and barking to the music. The best of all the moments was when Brian was singing one the the song's form the Verve Pipe's children album, called A Family Album. The song is titled Suppertime, and one of the lines is "Why is it called a hot dog, there's no dog in it?" That was one of the moments which Theo chose to start barking, as if he knew. Can't really blame a dog for that now can you? It is also the point in which Brian busted out laughing to the point where he had to stop singing for a few moments. Brian Vander Ark, songwriter, lead singer for the Verve Pipe, and sometime actor, upstaged by a dog named Theo.

What a beautiful night for an outdoor concert.
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