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The Blind Side 3/?

Title: The Blind Side

Rating:PG-13, for language
Genre and/or Pairing: Gen, Hints at Gabriel/OC
Spoilers: Spoilers through 6.16 And Then There Were None
Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Bobby, OCs
Word Count: 2157
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters.
Summary: When Gabriel returns from another dimension with a new prophet, he not only has to help with the mess that he finds that the Winchesters and Castiel are in, but with the consequences of his own actions. Sequel to Gabriel, Interrupted

A/N: Again, while it will contain spoilers for all episodes aired through 6.16, I won't necessarily follow the rest of the season as it happens. Anything that does happen in the story and in future episodes is entirely coincidence and unplanned.

Finally, I owe thanks to  Kit-cat99 over on fanfiction.net for reviewing my work and helping me work out the kinks from this chapter.  And special thanks to both jaharper88  and her dad for a little bit in the middle of this chapter that they helped inspire.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02


What do you mean it was the kind of magic you were looking for?” Tillie asked “Which old friend did you look up in my world?”

“Kali,” Sam said. “The idiot called Kali to help him with a blood spell, I am almost positive.”

“Hey, it wasn’t a bad idea,” Gabriel said, defending himself. “It worked didn’t it? I got Tillie here without any of my powers.”

“Wait, you barely recognized the fact that something supernatural was going on in her world,” Dean asked of Gabriel, “but you knew enough to summon a pagan god to help you?”

“Like I said before, I am not stupid. There were signs that alluded to the fact that there were supernatural beings around,” Gabriel pointed out.

Tillie opened her mouth to mention the fact that she had literally been tailed by an angelic mutt, but immediately closed it. Gabriel had made no outward effort to stop her, but it was as if she could hear him screaming from inside his soul. He didn’t want the Winchesters to know about the “other” Gabriel. Given what she had heard so far, she didn’t blame him. They would never let him live it down. And she didn’t want that ribbing to start, at least not right away. She needed answers. Like why she could hear Gabriel’s thoughts and the fact he seemed to know hers. It was beginning to freak her out. So she would let it slide for now, and went back to her original questions.

“I’m still back at blood spell,” Tillie finally spoke up. “How exactly did a blood spell get me here, to this universe?”

“It must of worked the along the same lines the way it did with us, right?” Dean suggested. “Kali used our blood to bind us to her so we couldn’t leave that hotel. So the numbskull here must have had her do something similar.”

“The spell I had Kali use was more complicated than the one she used on you two muttonheads back in Muncie,” Gabriel explained. “Kali only need to keep you around for awhile as bait for Luci, so holding onto to your blood did the trick. I needed something stronger to anchor Tillie to me while we traveled across dimensions.”

“Brother, surely you weren’t that foolish as to be involved in a blood binding ritual?” Castiel asked. “The consequences to the two of you could be grave.”

“Seems to me, foolish is his middle name,” Bobby said.

“Blood-binding ritual?” Tillie asked, dumbfounded. “Please tell me that isn’t what it sounds like.”

“It’s exactly what it sounds like,” Sam said. “Kali bound the two of you together, using blood from each of you. Am I right?”

“Exactamundo, kiddo,” Gabriel said, giving Sam the thumbs up.

“You mean..?” Tillie said, beginning to shake.

“Yep, you’re stuck with me, doll,” Gabriel chuckled, as he threw an arm around Tillie’s shoulder.

“How did you even get my blood?” Tillie asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“That was the inspired part,” Gabriel answered with a smile. “When I helped you with that massive nosebleed, I ended up with that blood soaked towel so that was what gave me the idea in the first place.”

Tillie stood there thinking about what they all had told her. Gabriel had bonded himself to her. That must explain why she knew some of his thoughts and emotions. And why he knew some of hers. Gabriel had bonded himself to her. He said he did it to bring her here when he had been without powers. Gabriel had bonded himself to her. But he never asked her permission. Gabriel had bonded himself to her. And now she was stuck with him.

Tillie had enough. She shoved Gabriel’s arm off of her shoulder and pushed him away. “You jackass!” she yelled. “Who gave you the right to use a blood spell to bond me to you?”

“Hey, I did that to save you,” Gabriel said stepping away from her. “None of your other angel pals in your world seemed to care about the fact that you died saving me. I, on the other hand, made sure you had another chance at life.”

“A life that is apparently firmly attached to yours,” Tillie spat out, as she stumbled across the room to get away from him, bumping into Bobby’s desk in the process.

“Look, I know he’s a pain in the ass, lady,” Dean said. “But you have only been here for a little bit. It can’t be that bad.”

“So are you offering to take my place?” Tillie ground out. “Because I’m telling you, so far, since I woke up, I am pretty sure that messenger boy and I have been sharing our thoughts and feelings without really speaking, which is one of the creepiest things I have ever experienced. I will gladly trade you places if that’s what you are suggesting.”

“That is not a normal side effect of a bonding spell,” Castiel remarked.

“Yeah, well this wasn’t a normal spell,” Gabriel said nervously, running a hand through his hair. “Kali warned me that there would be increased risks, especially since she didn’t collect Tillie’s blood herself.”

“You knew? You knew this could go wrong! How stupid are you!” Tillie shouted, as she felt around the desk for something, anything she could grab and hurl at the archangel. As she finally latched onto a lamp, Gabriel realized what she was doing and snapped his fingers, disappearing. Tillie, however, sensed what he did and waited until he reappeared behind her. She swung around and broke the lamp over Gabriel’s head. 

“Hey, just because I can heal myself doesn’t mean that didn’t hurt,” Gabriel squawked, rubbing his head.

“How did you do that?” Dean asked, slightly stunned. “You can’t even see him!”

“Who said you could use my lamp as a Louisville Slugger?” Bobby bellowed.

“It was meant to hurt, you asshole,” Tillie said to Gabriel, still fuming. “And you can replace Bobby’s lamp while you are healing your poor little old self. I guess that bond is useful for something, given the fact that at least I can sense where you are."

“Tillie, why don’t I take you upstairs,” Sam offered. “Bobby is willing to let you stay here for the time being while you figure things out.”

“Hmph, I don’t want to be sent to my room like the naughty child while all the adults talk about me,” Tillie huffed, folding her arms across her chest. 

“It would help if you didn’t act like one,” Dean muttered.

“I heard that,” Tillie insisted. “I am blind, not deaf. You try putting yourself in my shoes for five minutes, Winchester and see how you act.”

“Dean, cut it out,” Sam said. “Tillie, I just thought it would be easier for you if you could rest while we deal with the real five year old in this situation.” The hunters in the room turned and looked at Gabriel, who looked taken aback at the suggestion.

“Aw, Sam,” Gabriel answered. “You wound me. I’m not five. I’m dis many,” as he briefly held up what looked like his pinkie, index, and middle fingers. But with a shake of his hand, it turned into tens of thousands of fingers, to the point of momentarily disorienting everyone except Tillie, who could not see what he was doing.

“If he is holding up more than this many,” Tillie said, gesturing with her middle finger in Gabriel’s general direction, “then it’s way too many.”

Tillie felt a very large hand clamp down over hers and pull her arm down. “Remember who you’re dealing,” Sam hissed in her ear, as he began to walk her toward the stairs. “He might take that very literally.”

“Yeah, well, he will regret it if he tries,” Tillie growled.

As the others watched them depart, Castiel spoke up. “I should go as well. I have urgent matters to attend to and I should see how Tillie’s arrival here has affected the Host.”

“Hey Bro, I should go with you,” Gabriel offered. “You could get me up to speed on this war and maybe I could help out.”

“That would be…unwise,” Cas replied.

“Really?” Dean asked. “I thought you needed all the help you could get these days.” 

“That is true,” Cas said. “But Gabriel has been party to a spell that already is showing unusual side effects. And despite the fact that Tillie wants nothing to do with him at the moment, he is still her guardian, and should remain close by in case Raphael’s forces should attempt anything.” Not waiting for a response, Castiel disappeared with the sound of rushing wings.



“And the shower is on your right,” Sam explained as Tillie felt her way around the bathroom.

“So if I am going to stay here for awhile,” Tillie said. “What do think the chances are of you and your brother leaving anything like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap in the same place?”

“Wow, I guess I never really thought about that before,” Sam admitted, as he led her to the bedroom she would be using. “I suppose it is something I could work on, but good luck with Dean. I don’t think he puts his clothes away in the same place twice. Here, on your left is the bedroom.” 

“I think I can work around that. I just will keep my own stuff in a little kit, if you can work on keeping the floor at least clean so I don’t trip over anything,” Tillie suggested.

“I think we can manage that,” Sam chuckled. Tillie made her way to the bed and sat down, as Sam explained the layout of the room. “There is a night stand to the left of the bed and a closet on the right side. There is a dresser to the left of the door and on the far wall there is a chair, just to the right of a window.”

“Thanks, Sam,” Tillie said, as tears started rolling down her face. “I…I am not usually like this. I owe all of you, well…most of you an apology. I am not this angry, bitter person who yells and screams all of the time.”

“Yeah, well how long have you known Gabriel?” Sam asked. “I think we have all tried to kill him at one time or another, even if he was claiming to help us. You have as much reason as any of us ever did.”

“I suppose you’re right,” she sighed. “I’m just stuck with him now, I guess.”

“We will try to figure something out. We usually do. Can I change the subject for a minute?” Sam ventured. “Are you sure that you’re not from the same universe that Dean and I just got back from? I mean, how many worlds can there be where there is a television show about our lives? I just find it a little strange that there would be all of these different universes with, well shows about us.”

“Oh my gosh,” Tillie exclaimed. “There are an infinite number of parallel universes, and I had to find the one of those infinite parallels where there is a Sam Winchester who does not believe in parallel universes. You know, you could loose your nerd credentials for thinking like that."

“Did you just quote Sheldon Cooper to me?” Sam asked incredulously. “Okay, so I am not saying that they aren’t other worlds out there. But how many are there where my life is a television show?”

“Who knows,” Tillie asked. “That is the whole point of the word infinite…you can’t really put a number on it. Besides, aren’t there stranger things than your life being a fictional television show in another reality?”

“Yeah,” Sam laughed. “Like how the Kardashians could be a reality television show in any universe.”


“Well, you screwed up, Dude,” Dean said to Gabriel.

“Ya think?” Bobby asked as he picked up his broken lamp and handed it to the archangel.

“Look, I did what I thought was best,” Gabriel said as he snapped his fingers and put the lamp back together.

“And that has always worked out so well for those of us who know you,” Dean remarked.

“Well, what I would like to know, is what the hell has been going on while I’ve been away. I figured out the Apocalypse was averted and you two chuckleheads managed to get my brother back in his cage. Also, somehow in the process there is some battle for Sammy’s soul, and now there is a war in Heaven. How much did you manage to screw up?”

Bobby just shook his head. “Now is as good as time as any I suppose, especially with Sam upstairs with your prophet. Have a seat; you’re going to need it.”

“And if you breathe a word of anything I’m about to tell to my brother,” Dean threatened, “I will end you.”



Apr. 22nd, 2011 12:19 pm (UTC)
Yes, I had to get him caught up on everything. I am so glad your still enjoying this. :)


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