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The Blind Side 2/?

Title: The Blind Side

Rating:PG-13, for language
Genre and/or Pairing: Gen,
Spoilers: Spoilers through 6.16 And Then There Were None
Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Bobby, OCs
Word Count: 2551
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters.
Summary: When Gabriel returns from another dimension with a new prophet, he not only has to help with the mess that he finds that the Winchesters and Castiel are in, but with the consequences of his own actions. Sequel to Gabriel, Interrupted

A/N: Again, this picks up immediately where Gabriel, Interrupted left off. It won't be entirely necessary to read it to follow this story, but it might be helpful. 

Also, while it will contain spoilers for all episodes aired through 6.16, I won't necessarily follow the rest of the season as it happens. Anything that does happen in the story and in future episodes is entirely coincidence and unplanned.

I also owe thanks to jaharper88 for helping me work out some of the kinks in this chapter!

Chapter 01


Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
Though my mind could think I still was a mad man


Everyone stared at Tillie in confusion for a moment, and then looked at each other. The lights had flickered out when she and Gabriel had shown up, but they had been on ever since then. It wasn’t dark in the room at all. As Tillie shifted uncomfortably on the couch during the lull that had settled over the room, Dean finally broke the silence.

“Dark? It’s not dark in here,” Dean remarked. “If you are having trouble seeing lady, maybe your angel here didn’t bring you back from the dead quite the same way you left.”

Dean Tillie thought to herself. That was the voice of Dean Winchester. What did he mean it wasn’t dark? And apparently she really had been dead. Her head was swirling with so much information. But before she could ask, she could feel both anger and worry cropping up in Gabriel. How was it that she knew what he was feeling?

“Can it Winchester,” Gabriel retorted. “Maybe if you hadn’t been interfering, she would be fine. I swear, if I can’t fix this because of your meddling, being a Popsicle will be the least of your worries.” Gabriel turned to Tillie and took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. “We’ll work on the where you are and how you got here in a minute. First, let me know what you can see, Till. Can you do that?”

Tillie bit her lip. This was definitely not a promising sign. “Well,” she began tentatively. “Not much if I am honest. Like I said, it looks like it is dark out and the lights are turned off. I can see some shadows and shapes and some general movement. But that is about it. I can’t really make out details or faces, nothing like that.”

She could feel more intense power coming from Gabriel for a few seconds before he sighed. She could feel the defeat in his body as his shoulders sagged. “I’m sorry, Tillie. I really am sorry. I didn’t even consider this as a possibility when I brought you over. I should have, given what happened to me.”

“What are you talking about?” Tillie asked. “Can’t you heal me? Can’t you make me see again?”

Gabriel stood up and walked away from the couch. “No, I can’t,” he answered quietly.

“Why not?” Sam asked. “What’s wrong with her? Why can’t she see?”

"Maybe it's not her, dude," Dean whispered, poking Sam in the ribs. "Maybe it's his mojo that is on the fritz."

“Nothing,” Gabriel said, glaring at Dean. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Her eyes are working fine. There is nothing to heal.”

“Then why can’t I see?” Tillie cried. “Why is everything dark? Because, clearly, based on what you people are saying, I am the only one who can’t see right now! And what does that have to do with bringing me over? Where, exactly did you bring me?” Though Tillie had a pretty good idea where she was, she still really didn’t want to believe it.

“Do you remember me telling you how it was brighter in your world, Tillie? How the intensity of the light gave me headaches sometimes?” Gabriel asked, as he shoved his hands into his pockets, pacing back and forth in the room.

“Yes,” Tillie said, growing frustrated, “but what does that have to do with anything?”

“I think it is the opposite here for you,” Gabriel answered. “I think everything is darker to you, so much so that you can’t see.”

“That would make sense, Gabriel, given your own experience,” Castiel said.

“Really?” Tillie said bitterly. “In what universe?”

“Apparently, in this one,” Sam explained. “It is basic science. Light travels on wavelengths. Light most likely travels on different wavelengths in the different dimensions. So your eyes weren’t created to see the visible light on its frequency in this world, just like it was too bright for Gabriel to handle in yours."

“In English, geek boy?” Dean demanded.

“She’s blind, you idjit!” Bobby exclaimed. “She can’t see in this world and no angel mojo is going to fix it! It wouldn’t be the first time they left one of us behind while the rest of the world moved on."

A stillness settled over the room again, as everyone began to contemplate what this could mean, especially Tillie. She hadn’t even begun to grasp where she was, and now she had to deal with this. She was blind, in a room with two angels and no one could heal her? That couldn’t be possible. And yet, she knew Bobby of all people was right.

Castiel spoke up. “This still doesn’t change the fact that Raphael is now aware that she is here and that she is a prophet. That is the bigger problem at hand.”

“Excuse me?” Tillie said incredulously, as she began to snap. She stood up from the couch and turned in the direction that she heard Castiel’s voice come from in an effort to face him. She only managed to look somewhere in between Cas and Dean. “You think the bigger problem is Raphael? Apparently, I just died and was ‘brought over’ from my home to wherever this place is by Gabriel, who supposedly raised me from the dead into a world where I. CAN'T. SEE! And neither of you bastards with wings can heal me! I think that is a pretty big problem!”

As Tillie did what came natural to her, stepping toward them in her anger and frustration, she demonstrated how big of a problem it was actually was. Although it was intuitive for her to move in what she thought was their direction while speaking to them, in her exasperation she had already forgotten her limitations of not being able to see. She promptly walked into the end of the couch, and started to fall over it. Gabriel was there in a second to catch her, which only irritated her further. “Let go of me,” she growled, pushing him off of her.

"I guess the prophet didn't see that one coming," Dean observed, at which point Bobby smacked him on the back of the head, causing Dean to wince.

“Tillie, you were falling,” Gabriel sighed. “I was just trying to help.”

“That is my point exactly,” Tillie stated, as if she had made perfect sense and had won her argument, much to the confusion of the men around her.

“Bobby," Sam whispered, motioning to both the older hunter and his brother, "Can you help with something in the kitchen?" Bobby immediately understood that Sam felt the need to give Tillie time to work a few things out with Gabriel and followed him without question. Sam had to grab Dean by the forearm, though and drag him into to the other room.


"Hey bitch, what's the deal?" Dean complained. "I think we might be about to miss all the action."

"Exactly jerk," Sam retorted. "They don't need an audience for whatever drama they’ve got going on right now. Besides, we need to figure out what we are going to do with her."

"What do mean, do with her? She's not our problem," Dean scoffed as he grabbed a round of beers from the fridge, handing one to his brother and Bobby before opening his own and leaning against the kitchen counter. "Gabriel brought her here, let him deal with her."

"She ain't gonna wanna go nowhere with him. She ain't gonna wanna go nowhere period," Bobby scowled. "She's in a strange place and she can't see. Not exactly going put her in the mood to follow the Winged Wonder around the globe."

"Then she will need some place to stay while gets her bearings," Sam pointed out as he looked Bobby in the eye. "Some place that is safe from the trouble that will surely follow with her being a prophet."

"Aw, hell," Bobby groused. "This here ain't no damn halfway house! I got things to do. I got my own life to live."

"Bobby," Dean chuckled. "You know you'll just love having the company. Besides, it might make that pretty neighbor of yours a little jealous."


Castiel was unperturbed by Tillie's anger. “Now that Raphael is aware you are here, he will seek you out to use for his own purposes and to ensure that we do not have access to you. Even now, it is likely Raphael has sent out his forces in search of you."

“Yeah, well you have already been dealing with him all seas-...I mean all year,” Tillie stammered. “You haven’t even bothered to tell your best friends what is really going on in this war. I could say the same for you, as well, ya’ know, that you just want to use me for your own purposes. So you just keep dealing with Raphael and let me figure out how I am going to handle the fact that no one seems to give a damn that I’m blind!”

“Tillie, I’m pretty sure Cas isn’t trying to use you. He is the only one of my brothers who isn’t a loser,” Gabriel said trying to calm her down. “Besides, I care. I will help you deal with this.”

“You?” Tillie said. “I am pretty sure you’re the reason I got dragged into this mess to begin with. I just want to hide away somewhere safe, so I have a chance to think this through and figure out what I am going to do.”

“There are very few safe places,” Castiel insisted. “One of Raphael’s hit men even managed to get into Bobby’s home a few weeks ago. The fact that you cannot see only adds to your defenselessness.”

“Uh, hello,” Gabriel said, waving to the rest of the room and rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. “Archangel here. And I am pretty sure I am the archangel assigned to protect her. She is not defenseless. In fact, I did a lot to save her ass back in her world and made sure she got here safe.” 

“Got her here safe?” Sam laughed, as he came back into the room, followed by Dean and Bobby. “Dude, she materialized on Bobby’s floor, dead. How is that saving her ass back in her world and getting her here safe?”

Gabriel’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Sam. “I got her here, didn’t I? I resurrected her, didn’t I?” 

“Wait a minute,” Tillie said to Gabriel. “I was told or, rather shown by…one of your counterparts that I was going to die, so that you could escape unnoticed by Lucifer. But no one ever said anything about you bringing me back with you. And I wasn’t allowed to tell you, so how did you even know?”

Dean just shook his head. “Lady, you’re not making any sense. Who told you that you were supposed to die for this joker?” thumbing towards Gabriel. “And why would you even bother for someone who was in the practice of killing people for fun? What kind of prophet are you? Didn't you know who he really was, or what he really was capable of?”

“Could you just cut me some slack on the whole prophet thing?” Tillie asked Dean. “I just found out I was a prophet yesterday. Before that I thought all of this was some television show I liked…a lot… enough in fact, to write my own stories about it sometimes. I never realized until Gabriel stumbled into my life that my stories were as real the house I am standing in.”

As the Winchesters gaped at her, Gabriel pulled her aside. “Tillie,” Gabriel muttered. “Ipzay itway aboutway ethay elevisiontay owshay.”

“Oh Gabriel, this isn’t grade school,” Tillie said, exasperated. “There is no need to speak in Pig Latin.”

“Pigs do not speak,” Castiel said, confused. “And Gabriel was not using any form of Latin that I am familiar with.”

“Bro, Pig Latin is…oh never mind,” Gabriel gave up, not even bothering to explain. 

“Wait just a minute,” Dean said. “You’re from that universe where fake me and fake Sam live? How did Gabriel even manage to get you back?”

“No,” she admitted. “My world is different. It still has fake Winchesters. But there are supernatural beings, like angels there, too.”

“It is worse than that, Dean,” Sam brought up. “She just said she wrote stories. Fan stories. She’s another Becky Rosen.”

“Oh, no, no, no,” Tillie claimed. “No I’m not. I’m nothing like her. I don’t write slash.”

“Slash?” Dean groaned. “Oh god, please don’t remind me. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.”

“Yeah, be glad I don’t write slash,” Tillie suggested. “Because apparently what I write, happens. And that whole profound bound you have going on with Castiel would have a completely different meaning if I did write slash.”

That shut everyone for a few minutes, and gave Tillie a chance to breathe. It also reminded her that her questions hadn’t been answered by the archangel. “Gabriel, you still haven’t given me any answers. How did you know what was going to happen, since I didn’t tell you? And how did I end up back here with you? You didn’t have any powers before you left and none of the angels from my world told me I was coming here.”

“I may not have had my powers, Tillie,” Gabriel said. “But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t recognize the signs of supernatural involvement. I was just hoping it meant that my Dad was up to something and I would be going home soon.”

“Okay,” Tillie acknowledged. “Still, I want to know how you knew I was going to die, and how I ended up here.”

“Geesh, I am not stupid, Tillie,” Gabriel said. “Those headaches you were having, all that medication you carried, and that wicked nosebleed? I may not have had my powers, but I have seen enough life and death over the years to know when death is around the corner. You had helped me more than anyone else in your world. Probably more than most humans I’ve met. I didn’t want to leave you to die. So I made other arrangements.” 

“What other arrangements?” she asked, suddenly worried.

“Well,” he chuckled. “You’ll get a kick out of this.”

“Get on with it, boy,” Bobby grumbled. “Quit yer stalling.”

“You’re right,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I had no powers, not until I was here, back in my own world. I couldn’t get you back on my own. So I called on someone who could help. An old friend.”

“What old friend?” Sam asked, echoing Tillie’s thoughts. “How could you have an old friend in another dimension?”

“Well, it seems as though angels weren’t the only ones in Tillie’s world.  They have gods, too,” Gabriel said wiggling his eyebrows. “Very hot gods, if you know what I mean.”

“You didn’t,” Dean uttered in disbelief. “She tired to kill you the last time you saw her. She even bound us to her with her blood."

“I know,” Gabriel said with a smirk. “That was the kind of magic I was counting on.”



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Apr. 16th, 2011 12:20 pm (UTC)
I know, despite being annoying at times,you have to love Gabriel, too, right? And I think Tillie will surprise you.

I am glad you continue to enjoy this.
Apr. 16th, 2011 09:07 am (UTC)
Sneaky Gabriel and his god-friends. The moment Gabriel said he couldn't heal her I remembered how it was to bright for Gabe in the other world.

Nice one :)

Lked the chapter :)
Apr. 16th, 2011 12:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, those pesky gods can wreak all kind of havoc, can't they?

I am very happy someone remembered that it was bright for Gabriel in the other world, because it was something I had been planning all along. *grins* I am glad you like it!
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